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August 4, 2018

Since my trip to Morocco last year (February to early March for 15 days), I've been neck deep in home renovations and writing. I decided not to go on a big international trip in 2018. Partly because I was tired out. It's expensive, too. I wanted to save instead of spen...

September 12, 2016

While I was doing the epic clean-up of my home office, I came across that offending first ever contract. I've gotten over my horror (mostly) at the rights I signed away. Thank God it was only a greeting card bit of writing. 

Now for the happy side. Remember back in the...

August 14, 2016

Okay, I'ma just say it. My office is a mess. Well... on second thought, I'm being to hard on myself. Let's call it organized chaos. As a stereotypical creative, I've got stuff everywhere. Why? I'm interested in a lot of things. I collect facts. I'm a gadget junkie, and...

August 6, 2016

I'm on the computer a lot, and I've written a lot of books. But this is ridiculous! I kept hitting the wrong keys, and one night look down and... SMH I've written the letters off six keys on my wireless keyboard. Now I thought about buying a new one. Then I got smart....

June 11, 2016

Come out June 24-26 to Bayou Con in Sulphur, LA, near Lake Charles, to meet a lot of great actors, artists, and last but not least, authors - including me. Bayou Con turns eight years old with this event. Sulphur w is part of the Lake Charles metro area. The name comes...

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