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September 17, 2018

I obviously haven't written a post in a while. I've been busy. I didn't intend to get busy, but stuff happens in this writing life. I made changes to my website, re-designed the interiors of several books, and started getting ready for NY Comic Con (October 4-7). Now I...

September 2, 2017

#NoDiscipline. Not when it comes to ignoring those cute little notifications I've set in my cell phone or my tablets. I hear the chimes, bells, and whistles and I'm like

Doesn't matter if they're in another room. Tried it. Didn't work. Those sounds trigger the powerful...

March 24, 2017

Some days you need to goof off. Hang up the old To-Do List, and binge watch your favorite show (Hello Murdoch Mysteries and Midsomer Murders!). Last week coming down with a bad cold forced me to spend four straight days of doing nothing. I'd been kidding myself before....

August 27, 2016

I've had this ritual since I sold my first book back in the mid 90s. Once I finished a novel and mailed it to my editor, I'd clean up and organize my home office. While writing I tend to let reference and research material pile up around me. I'm talking sheets of handw...

August 23, 2016

I get asked a lot, "So how's it going, being a writer?" What they really are trying to work their around to is asking how much money I make! Success for many people is just that- making the big bucks. So how do you define success? I had to wrestle with that over the ye...

August 9, 2016

 August 9th is National Book Lovers Day! All of us who are book fanatics know that reading is good for you. Stimulates the brain. Increases your knowledge. Makes you happy. So if you're as addicted to a great read the way I am, celebrate. Carve some time out of your bu...

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