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Going for It

So much of what we do is to feel safe, ya know? I struggle against just sticking to what I'm used to because it's security. A friend recently told me only 3% of Americans have passports. In Europe the rate is 70%. That's a lot of world to NOT see in your life. I decided to join that 3% back in 2013.

Here's what I've learned. Most of what stops people from doing what they want to, be it writing a novel, actually publishing the novel once it's written so others read it, singing in a band, making art, traveling to foreign countries, etc. is them. No one stops us from taking those first steps. Seriously. Nothing really stands in our way. It's not too little time really. Or our jobs. Or any of the reasons/excuses I've heard (and given at various times in my life). It's fear of stepping outside of what we're used to doing. And even bigger, fear of having others laugh at and criticize us.

I'm not braver than anyone else. I simply joined a list of people who did it even with our hearts beating like hammers from fear. I boarded a boat that shot off across the Caribbean Ocean, down a river to Northern Belize, and hiked to Mayan ruins. Even when I booked the tour I was thinking, "Are you insane? You can't swim! There will be crocs and sharks." I pushed through the fear. Instead of being frozen with terror, I enjoyed the ride. Literally! Embrace the experience. That's my new mantra, y'all!

Join me in Belize :)

This is a view from the boat as we traveled up New River to northern Belize

Here I am at a club grinning like a typical tourist! :)

I'm in a swimsuit, but I can't snorkle. Just stylin' and profilin' like I belong in the water. LOL

The following photos are around the resort where I stayed. Caye Casa in San Pedro, Belize.

The last photo below is at a little restaurant called Melt with a friend Adrienne Marchand.

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