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I've been turning over an idea for a science fiction novel. Yeah, shocked me, too. Writing science fiction has never been an aspiration. I love sci-fi everything, books, movies, short stories, and non-fiction about space travel. I even watch those Ancient Alien shows on the History Channel. Hey, don't judge!

I did my DNA a couple of years ago, and found out I'm a genetic descendant of the so-called Mitochodrial Eve. There's controversy, but it still intrigues me all the same. Some scientists have pointed out that fossil evidence refutes that all modern humans came from this woman African woman who lived 200,000 years ago. Yeah, yeah. Whatever, dudes. Writer that I am, the information is still feeding my imagination.

However, I'm also going to use that notion of Eve's female descendants in my new book INTO THE MIST coming fall of 2016. The idea of how powerful that kind of lineage would be is just too good to use in only one novel. Besides, who knows when I'll get to writing a sci-fi novel anyway? Yes, the notion of Eve did birth an idea for a novel that takes place in another galaxy. That's all I'm going to say for now.

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