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A Girl and Her Dog #writing #paranormalfiction

LaShaun Rousselle started out being a villain in my first novel way back in the olden days (the mid 90s LOL). Yes, the heroine of four novels who fights supernatural and human evil used to be on the dark side. Oh she wasn't just misunderstood, following the bad crowd, etc. Nuh-uh. LaShaun founded and organized the bad crowd, then led them into infamy! You can see for yourself, if you haven't read it already.

More on the topic of bad girls turned good in another post.

Anyway, now we come to the fourth LaShaun Rousselle novel in which LaShaun has a very different life, and a young family of her own. What's more warm home front that a child and her pet? Not much. But here's the thing - LaShaun and little Joëlle Renée aren't just the garden variety mama and toddler. They're psychics. Satan's imps are fixated on either controlling them, kidnapping them, or taking them out altogether. Why? They keep messing up their evil plans, that's why! Pretty annoying for demons. So when LaShaun decides to get little Ellie a dog, well, it can't be just any dog. Enter equal parts research into mythology and my imagination.

Beau has a very special lineage, which means he can sniff out imps, spirits, and other supernatural creepy-crawlies. He's loyal, bonds quickly with Ellie, and will chew up anything or anyone trying to harm her. Beau is a Great Weimaraner, which means he's a mix of Great Dane and Weimaraner. That equals a big dog. You'll find out what role he plays in the action of INTO THE MIST this fall.

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