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I'm working hard, no really. Yeah, I'm cheesing in this picture. But I was on my way to the YMCA for my daily workout. I enjoy exercise, I really do. I feel the difference when I don't keep active. I made friends with the elliptical after a rocky first date! Chyle, my legs were mad at me. But now I love it. It's true that exercise releases brain chemicals that improve your mood. At least I've found it to me. Added bonus - I was fit enough to walk around the various sites in Peru, and for the highlight, the real reason I went- to hike up Machu Picchu. This year I hiked into the rain forests of Belize to see Mayan temple ruins. Of course that brain stimulation helps me when I sit down to write.

Let's review class: mood lifted. Able to go on global adventures. Books flow, new plot ideas materialize. Score. Don't just lounge this summer. Get up and move y'all!

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