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Black Cowboy Culture In Louisiana #blackcowboys #louisianalife

Chris Emery, one of my cousins, shows off his cowboy skills

Back on May 22nd I did an interview on Ella D. Curry's BAN Radio Show. I talked about background on my paranormal mystery series featuring LaShaun Rousselle. One of the points I made was how many people don't realize that Louisiana has a large number of Black cowboys. Ella was surprised, and you may be as well. Horse culture and rodeos are a big deal. I only recently learned that a small town only a short drive away has a Black Rodeo annually. I knew there were many such Black cowboy events, I just didn't realize one was so close to home. Far too many people, including African-Americans, are still shocked to learn about Black cowboys in history and the thriving African-American cowboy culture that exists today.

Just A Cowboy Association, photo from the 2013 Black Rodeo

Recently our church had a cowboy theme for our annual Friends and Family Day picnic. I could see the surprise and puzzled looks on some faces when it was announced. So let me set the record straight. At least 30% of cowboys and settlers in the Old West were people of color. Cowboy culture in Louisiana is alive and well, including in the Emery extended family!

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