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Going West! #bayouconvention #writerslife

Come out June 24-26 to Bayou Con in Sulphur, LA, near Lake Charles, to meet a lot of great actors, artists, and last but not least, authors - including me. Bayou Con turns eight years old with this event. Sulphur w is part of the Lake Charles metro area. The name comes from the sulphur mining that really lead to the village being established back in 1800s. This part of southwest Louisiana has its own rich history. SW Louisiana is part of our Acadiana region.

Though "Acadiana" refers to the Cajuns who settled the area, understand that many Creoles of color live in this region as well. You know, like Beyonce. Her mother Tina Lawson's Creole family is from New Iberia. See the video below for a small snippet of Creole history.

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