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Happy Dad's Day! #Father's Day #Memories

Joseph Emery, born in St. Francisville, Louisiana. He experienced Jim Crow in all its horribleness. He and the rest of the family were forced to leave their home when his father, Luther Emery, Jr., died out in the fields. My grandfather had an agreement to tenant farm the land for a number of years, after which he would own it. With less than two years left, he died while working the crops. My father said his mother assured the landowners she and her sons could continue to put money in their pockets. They said, no, the contract died with your husband. Get out. So my daddy and his brothers had to leave school and grow up real fast. A few years later their mother died when my youngest aunt was only four years old. Daddy helped pitch in to support his younger siblings, all the older children did their part. That's what made him so determined to drill one thing into us - get an education so you won't have to work menial jobs. He also gave me all kinds of advice, took me fishing, came to my rescue, and generally just did his job as a father. Here's to Mr. Joe!

My daddy, taken before I was born standing next to one of the cars he owned. He dressed sharp, am I right? Sure I am!

Daddy with my nephew Brian as a baby

Daddy when he was real young holding my cousin Pat. Neither of them looks thrilled LOL

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