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Keep Your Head Down #inspiration #amwriting

I'm a creative, an author, which for most of us means no riches or glory. So it can get discouraging. I had two day brightening messages that were totally unexpected. I wasn't even looking for sources of support! That's what makes both so special.

First, a friend called out of the blue. She'd seen me a few days ago, but we didn't have a chance to talk. Today she had busy schedule, but a little voice told her to stop and tell me how she felt. So this morning she phoned and said, "You have a light in you. Don't let nobody put that out. I love you!" What a blessing, huh?

Finally, with so much on my Facebook news feed that made me feel sad one of my FB friends re-posted this video. Now I'm a big Idris Elba fan, but his message resonates about any goal or set of dreams.

Never look around, compare, or look up. Keep your head down, keep working on your goals, and love what you do and who you are. Not easy some days, but work at making it easier until you feel the love MOST days.

I'm going to keep writing. Books are part of who I am. You keep pushing on, too!

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