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Fun with Fans of Costumes, Comics, Movies and More!

BayouCon, like other "comic conventions", brought the fun. This was my first time attending a con. I've been to plenty of conferences, book signing events, book club meetings, etc. But that was when I wrote romance novels (romantic suspense actually). Whole different vibe. For one thing comic conventions focus on the wide world of pop culture, and more than just comic book and graphic novel characters, though those are certainly a big part of what brings people out. Lovers of Anime, Manga, animated series, movies, video games,and TV shows in the horror, sci-fi/fantasy genre came out to play. They get to meet voice actors, movie and TV celebrities, and to browse through tons of merchandise related to pop culture. And of course there is cos-play! Never thought I'd say this, but those steampunk goodies like goggles and hats were calling my name. This from a girl who didn't even like playing dress up as a kid, including on Halloween! Hmm, something must have been in the water. Take a look at some of the fun!

Here is my table all set up. I sold my paranormal mystery series

featuring psychic LaShaun Rousselle

Did I say cos-play? One of many awesome costumes in the house.

Don't ask me why this is the only pic I took. This one had me laughing

every time the guy walked past my booth. I knew his KFC recipe was a secret,

but who knew it came from outer space???

Sci-Fi author Chris W. Hayes and I were co-presenters on two panel for writers

Horror author Alexander S. Brown is a truly real & cool dude! He sat at the booth next to me. We hit it off and chattered away on lots of topics. Well he's from Mississippi, so no surprise! Ok, full disclosure: my mama grew up in Mississippi. Loads of kin still there :) Anyway, Alex screened a short film based on one of his short stories. He'll release The Acquired Taste in another year. I got to see the debut showing at the con! It's hilarious creepy fun. Sorry, no links because he hasn't released it yet.

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