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Sunshine #summer #writerslife

One thing I learned about myself is I'm a warm weather and sunshine creature. I once visited upstate New York, in the Ithaca area, frequently. Most days there are overcast, though the Finger Lakes Region is full of natural beauty. When the sun is out, drop dead gorgeous. Waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. What's not to like? Hmm, a lot of cloudy days. That's what. Stunning fall leaves are quickly followed by frequently single digit freezing winter temps. For months.

I need sunshine. Going on vacation where it's cold is not my idea of a fun trip, so I won't take up snow skiing anytime soon. Having to stay inside for months on end would drain me of all inspiration.

Here's hoping you have sunshine of all kinds in your week and upcoming weekend. A bit of cuteness, a wind chime in Lynn's rose garden!

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