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Southern Women: We Say What We Mean, but Do You Know What We Mean? #southern #

If you're not from the south and plan to visit, I'm gonna help you out. Here are some tips to help you understand what the heck we're sayin'.

To be clear, this is your study sheet if you're coming anywhere in the red zone:

First and foremost- all words have at least two syllables. ALL. Most have multiples. True story, I was in upstate New York (Syracuse), and people would ask my name. They almost all thought I was saying "Lee-Ann". Lynn has one syllable for the rest of y'all. Secondly, and just as important- the drawl may be different depending on the state you visit, but it's always there. See point #1 about multiple syllables. Yes, we dra-aaaaw out our words. Okay, let's begin.

What we mean when we say:

1. "Fixin' to" - we're about to do something. "I'm fixin' to do this laundry, girl."

2. "Right quick" - We're going to do something or go somewhere and won't be long. "I'm gonna run to the store right quick".

2. "Make groceries" - Go grocery shopping (not too common now, but still used in remote places in the world of southern folks).

3. "Bless Your Heart" - This one has become quite well-known outside the south, but has several meanings. True southerners know to pay attention to context and tone of voice. Still it's tricky. It can mean, "You idiot", "You bout to get shot, fool and don't even know it", "Kiss my azalea". In other words, you've just been told off with a sweet smile and should probably run. However, in situations where you're deserving of sympathy it can REALLY mean they're asking you to be blessed. Like I said, this one is tricky. Best to ask a southern woman to be safe. If she sighs and says, "Chyle..." Run. Don't ask questions.

4. "You don't lost your mind" - You messed up. Bad. Run.

Bonus survival tip: Don't assume our drawl equals "stupid". You will find yourself tripped up, out-played, hung out to dry, and maybe worse. Honey, we'll see through your sly condescension way faster than we talk. You've been warned. Finally heed this sage advice-

First and foremost, understand that ALL words have at least two syllables when we talk. Some have way more than you thought possible for a few letters! Oh, and

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