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Great Movie, Love Star Trek!

So I mentioned that I'd be going to the movies again. By that I mean going to an actual theater. How old school. No, seriously because I stream. However, there are some movies that I just feel like I have to see on the mega big screen. Like Star Trek! Did I mention I'm a Trekkie? Oh yes, I am!

My review - loved it! Plenty of action, beautiful effects, and all the characters I've come to love. Yes, I love the new James T. Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Checkov and Sulu. I love the kick-butt without hestitation Uhuru that is Zoe Saldana. I love her, not the Nina Simone movie tho, but that's another blog post. But I don't like the way people slam her so much. Anyway, back to the movie.

Wow! I was clutching the armrests on the big comfy seats (Movie Tavern) almost the whole time. Hardly had time for my heart to slow down before they were in deep you-know-what again. All of the characters came through not only fighting, but using their brains. Awesome. These are the kind of people I want to be with if I get into serious extraterrestrial, galaxy hopping trouble. Yaasss indeedy.

And why didn't I know my other movie/TV husband would make an appearance? Mostly because all I needed to read was "New Star Trek movie is in theaters now", and I didn't need to know more. Just plan when and where to go see it. Awesome, breath-catching moment when I realized Idris was in da house. Hi, hunny! Oh and I hope the character Jayla is in the next movie. Love that smart mouthed "I will cut you" alien girl!!!

I had some minor drama of my own even getting to Star Trek: Beyond. At first I meant to be at the earlier showing, but a major street out of my neighborhood was blocked. Traffic piled up even on the alternate routes. Which meant getting across town = missing the early showing. I was ticked off, but then chastised myself about being a 1st world whiner. After all, I'm going to the movies in the middle of a weekday. Not a real problem, girl. Suck it up. So instead I opted for the next showing, which happened to be 3-D. I was worried it would give me a massive headache, but went anyway. Glad I did! That's me in my 3-D glasses later obviously. Too dark in the movies for a selfie, plus I'm pretty sure they would have frowned on the flash! Having a starship, not to mention sexy James T. and Spock, coming right at me was awesome in a bottle!

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