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Binge Watching Just Got Real #BingeWatch #Streaming

I just binge watched Stranger Things. Whoa, have you seen it?? My review:

A small town with a mysterious research center nearby starts experiencing weird happenings, starting with the disappearance of a little boy. Soon his mother begins telling everyone she's talking to him- through the walls. Cue folks trying to convince her to get some help. Yet more weirdness makes her oldest son and the sheriff begin to listen to her wild stories. A strange little girl shows up at another home, a teenage girl vanishes and stuff hits the fan. I have to say I did enjoy the show, though it's more a YA kind of series. You know, a mix of The Goonies and ET with a big dose of X-Files. I love kids, don't get me wrong. But I'm way past the stage of finding the "coming of age" story line interesting. Thank goodness there was enough Sci-Fi plot to keep me watching. Some episodes frustrated me because it was all kids being kids, arguing, blah-blah. But I binge watched it because - Cliffhangers!!! Loved the character called Eleven. I also have to say the writers had some twists and turns that didn't follow the usual plot lines with love struck teens/tweens, rebellion against parents, etc. Best of all to me were the last 2-3 episodes, and the way it ended. Whoa! Yaay!! There will be a season 2. I just knew it with that last scene.

Which brings me to my new semi-bad habit - binge watching

Remember the good old days when you had to wait a whole week to find out who got killed, or if Marcia learned the truth about her husband and her sister, or... Yeah, you get the picture. Back then it was called suspense, and you learned to wait. Well, you had no choice.

I was cool with it. That was the way it worked. Right? Last year I finally cut the cord. I stream all of my movies and TV series on my smart TVs. Now I'm so irritated watching "Old Timey" TV. For these reasons:

#1. I. Don't. Want. To. Wait. End of discussion. Took me a hot minute to become this new "Want it NOW!!!" binge watcher. Why see one measly episode when I can watch three back to back? I mean, a whole week until the next installment? Who does that?!?

#2. I can hit pause when the doorbell or phone rings, to get snacks, to skip to the bathroom, etc. HBO and PBS are the worse. No commercials. Hey, "Old Millennia TV" dudes, I have a life. Why should I miss critical scenes because y'all still in the horse and buggy days. Fail.

At this rate it will take something awesome to make me go back to watching TV the way I used to on a routine basis. Drives me crazy waiting for the next episode of How To Get Away With Murder!!!!

My TV life will never be the same. Game Of Thrones is the exception tho. Personally? I need a week to get my heart rate and blood pressure back to normal, because the creative team on GOT just ratchets the drama so high, I crash comin' down! Still, that GIF up there, that's me waiting for the new season of GOT by March each year. C'mon Season &! LOL

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