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Love Being Creative- Now Time to Get My !@#$ Straight! #writerslife #amwriting

Okay, I'ma just say it. My office is a mess. Well... on second thought, I'm being to hard on myself. Let's call it organized chaos. As a stereotypical creative, I've got stuff everywhere. Why? I'm interested in a lot of things. I collect facts. I'm a gadget junkie, and I will jump off into a new interest real quick. You know what this equals? Yeah, lots o' stuff in my office. Part of it is emotional.

My mother died back a few years ago, so I still have a stack of her old photo albums and address books, etc. in one corner against a book case. I just started going through those things. Some of the photos are of people she knew in her youth, but I don't know them. Like have no clue. So I've made a small start tossing out stuff. Not easy. It's like saying parts of her life weren't important. Got over that feeling by focusing on the things I saved.

But that's only one part of my office. For the other stuff I have no excuses. Just haven't gotten around to it. But from small beginnings come great endings (or something to that effect). First order of business, a table for my two small printers. Yes people, Lynn now has a "printing center" in her office. Yaay!!! Now for the rest of this controlled chaos. Um... Netflix is calling right now, so tomorrow. Yeah. That's it. Tomorrow is always full of promise and potential!

From the box on my floor for 3 days to wonderful order!

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