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Stay passionate- Keep producing, Because Art Has No Expiration Date #amwriting #creativity

Mike Posner recorded and released I Took A Pill In Ibiza in 2014. Nothing. No big hoopla. He didn't think about it again, but the song became a hit in 2016. A mega hit in fact. Even President Obama used the now famous first line in a speech.

Traditional publishing trained me to think a book had to become a hit in the first 2-3 months after it was released. If it didn't sell big, your book would get wiped away. Bookstores would clear unsold copies off the shelves to make room for new releases. Time marches on. Here's the thing - some books sell more over time than books that land on the New York Times Bestseller List. They just don't make a big splash in the first week, month, or even first 6 months after release. But traditional gatekeepers don't think long-term. They want big sales fast. Yet the new world of books means eBooks don't take up shelf space. Like Posner's song, they can hang around a long time until their audience finally catches up with them.

The point is, keep creating and working on your passion. Sure "overnight success" is sexy and fabulous. But not everyone is going to hit big fast. Sometimes it happens like this song. Interesting enough, Posner said in an interview that this has happened to him more than once, so he keeps singing and moves on to another project. He doesn't let not getting a quick big hit stop him from his passion.

Along the way since I became published, many writers have stopped writing because they didn't hit it big, get the attention they thought they deserved, and the star treatment they wanted. Me? I'm in it for the long haul. I love writing, crafting stories, and even a small audience makes writing worth it.

Btw, I love rocking out to this song. It's a great dance tune. But if you listen, the message is quite serious.

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