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Doing Retail Therapy Like a Boss #writinglife #inspired

I cleared out a piano I didn't want, and a stack of posters (long story, failed business venture of my late husband). Both crowded my foyer for way too long. I just adopted a "grin and bear it" attitude. In fact, I dressed them up to make them more palatable. Both weighed a ton. Moving them would not be easy. So, I simply tolerated them for years. I changed my POV, got creative, and now the piano has a new home. All those posters?

Then I went shopping. One store, so many possibilities. The sales lady said those three little words that mean so much, "They're on sale".

I bought two new tables. I decorated the larger one with items I already had. Looks like they were made for it!

Sometimes we need to renovate some part of our lives. I'm guilty of getting so used to the current state of affairs, that I don't see the potential and promise of change. I make the best of "Hey, it is what it is". Which is really settling, dressing up what has me dissatisfied to just make things tolerable, sort of. But not really. Then I learn to see and not see that "thing". When I actually need to get rid of the "thing" completely.

I'm gradually changing, and more than my house. My new mindset is to be aware that avoiding conflict or just accepting "as is" doesn't cut it. In the meantime I'm loving my new spacious foyer.

Next problem - I'm allergic to the cushion I bought for the new chair in my bedroom. Sigh. Guess more shopping is in order.

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