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Garage Sales Are Fun! Or Not

So this past Saturday I had a yard sale/garage sale. Ok, I didn't put the stuff on the lawn, and I don't have a garage. So technically I had a "Stuff I don't want, this crap is cluttering up my house, and here it is in my driveway" sale. Items I saw as junk, thought would never sell? They were the first to go. Goes to show that old sayings get repeated for a reason, they're true! One woman's trash, is another woman's treasure. Things we think have no use turn into a delightful "find" for others.

These sales, whatever you call them, are a lot of work! Days of pulling stuff out of closets, up before sunrise setting up, etc. Now I remember why kept putting this off despite desperately wanting to get rid of the stuff. If you get a big crowd, it's work. If you don't, it's work. Either way you'll like have at least some stuff left over. So you gotta deal with what to do with it all.

The good news is I sold way more that I thought I would. But I still had quite a bit left. On my way to a local thrift store to take them "new treasures"!

I'm still recovering, too. Up at 6 am. Packing stuff up until almost 7 pm. Groan. This may be my very last "Junk in my driveway" sale.

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