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Cuteness You Gotta Love!

I don't usually do the cute kids picture thing. Not that I have none to post. After all my nephews and nieces are all over my computer files, and my book case. So much so that people walk through like they're at a gallery! I have early photos of Jasmine as Queen Cleopatra and Christian as a power ranger. Or was it a transformer? I can't keep up. Anyway, they were too adorbs. Now they're older, and roll their eyes when I say how cute they looked. Okay, really they're too polite to roll their eyes visibly. But I can hear the soft sighs, and almost hear them thinking, "Oh-oh, here we go!" LOL

Then I saw these pics on Facebook and had to share them. Parents must list dressing their kids up in costumes as the chief benefit to reproducing, that and the tax breaks! I can hear you going, "Awwwww, that's too cute!" Who can object to Halloween being a godless abomination of a holiday when we get this?

Okay, I have to do it. Meet the transformer and the queen!

I'll worry about them being annoyed with me later.

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