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Comfort Food Definitely Needed!

Whew! This has been a week, huh? No matter what you think of the election or world events, comfort food is something everybody can agree on! I mean, sheesh, we need some stick to your tummy goodness to smooth out the rough edges.

People want change, but I'm sticking with tradition - shrimp and corn soup. This old favorite comes in handy since the temperatures went down here in south Louisiana.

So I made some. Here is the plump shrimp just before I dumped them in the pot. Yes, this is my kitchen. I try to cook more, because it's healthier. Less salt, sugar, preservatives.

As for the state of American politics, well we certainly got a big change. Rather or not we survive it intact is up for grabs. As a person of color I am very worried about my rights and humanity being attacked, so I'm definitely going to be looking for a lot more healthy comfort foods. Got a strong feeling I'm gonna need those recipes for four years!

Click for my fave quick to the tummy recipe

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