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Food, Fun, Music, and Multi-colored Lights

Okay, so I'm riding in the neighborhood the day after Thanksgiving 2016. What do I see? One of my neighbors (I don't know them) have their Christmas tree up and lights around their windows! I kid you not. The tree is decorated, got the blinking lights and everything. Like when did they do this, on Thanksgiving Day for goodness sakes???? Okay, fine. These people ain't playin' around. They've thrown down the gauntlet on decorating. See this that picture? Yeah, my lawn decorations Christmas 2015. I'm plotting my response right now. I'm locked and loaded. Got a new door wreath with a timer for the lights. No more weak bulbs two weeks into December. I'm ready. Oh, and a small tree for the foyer. Got a few other ideas I'm kicking around. So I wasn't the first this year. I won't pout (much).

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