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A Lovely Christmas Memory

Three years ago a stranger gave me a gift, a Christmas cactus. I used to walk by her little house in a old neighborhood called Spanish Town almost every day. My power health exercise. One day I stopped to chat. She was fussing about her many potted plants. She joked that her daughter always asked her why she had so many plants. She did indeed! At least eight Christmas cacti in pots, ferns, and more. Her cottage-styled house wasn't big at all, including the cute front porch. Then she said, "Do you like plants?" I said, "Yes, ma'am". You know, just being polite. Imagine my surprise when she invited me up to her porch and let me pick one! My work colleagues stared at me when I returned to my office carrying a potted plant! LOL I think that was in the summer. I know it was months before the holiday season. My little plant started blooming in November, well before Thanksgiving. It bloomed right up to the new year even. Here is the photo I took.

Nine months later I saw a familiar face in the newspaper, the obituary section. I'd forgotten her name honestly, because we chattered on so that day in true southern style. I definitely remembered the smile. Gone to heaven, but she left a sweet memory. I still have that plant, btw. And it has bloomed every year just as pretty as the first holiday after I got it.

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