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Christmas Scenes From Louisiana

I'm not a good gift wrapper. There. I finally admitted it. But I try to compensate (i.e. distract the giftee) with cute bows, a pretty Christmas card, and goodwill. I repeat phrases like, "It's the thought that counts", and that helps a whole lot. Failing that, I just give gift cards!

First bloom on my Christmas cactus this year!

Just a little bit of my Christmas decor

I don't do a lot of Christmas events. I have two Christmas traditions. One, without fail I decorate at home. Nothing lifts my spirits like Christmas lights. And two, I go to at least one church service. After my father, years later my husband, and a few years ago my mother died, the holidays had a heavy cloud of loss hanging over them. Yet blinking multi-color (my favorite) lights reminds me that Christmas is about love and hope.

That said, Louisiana has one unique Christmas tradition - bonfires on the levee on Christmas Eve. So if you're ever down here during Christmas, put that on your must-see list. Oh, and eat some Christmas gumbo. Another big tradition down here.

Next up? On to Mardi Gras! Louisiana natives don't stop partying after New Year's Eve, cher. Nah, the Mardi Gras balls, parties, and parades start before Fat Tuesday.

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