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Rocking Around The Holidays!

So usually I don't do much during the Christmas holidays. You know, the usual. Decorate (love!). Attend church (sense of awe at the Christmas story gets me every time). Cook dinner and a few people might come over. Visit with my sister and little nephew if they're in town (not so little anymore. The typical "aunt" moment exclaiming, "You're getting so tall!" is part of the tradition. Right?).

This year I went into full holiday socializing mode. Three Christmas socials and one awesome Christmas musical. The Black Nativity production is based on the play of the same name by legendary poet Langston Hughes. Whew! Next up, visit with sister and nephew. Church on Sunday. And maybe I'm cooking. Still trying to decide.

I'm rocking through Christmas 2016 like Carlton!

Writing is a solitary profession (or creative process if you're not thinking of it as your career, which I am). By definition, writers not only can tolerate long periods of isolation, but we crave it. Personally, I would then feel cut-off from others. So I decided to follow the advice of a quote I love. It goes, "Be the heroine of your story, not the victim." Or something like that, but that's the essential message. I mean, how silly is it to expect to have a social network show up magically with NO effort on my part? I had to get real and honest. I was feeling sorry for myself, but wasn't doing a thing to make a change. Sitting in public place with a hopeful expression as strangers pass by doesn't work. Trust me.

So I joined two women's social networks. Complete strangers. Whoa, talk about stepping out my comfort zone. And it's been a wonderful thing so far. So my message is get out there and do something different.

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