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2017, Let's Get This Party Started!

So apparently partying during the holidays wasn't enough for me. No, no. I continued even after New Year's Day (when I had my black-eyed peas and cabbage. Oh yes I did y'all!). Anyway, I went to the movies with a friend. We missed each other in the lobby, and you know what it's like once they cut off the lights. In a crowded theater. I gave up trying to find her. Just so happened I saw another woman I hadn't seen in years looking for my pal. So I sat next to her. In the meantime, never found Karen. No worries. We both saw the movie, loved it, and met in the lobby after. Went to dinner. The next night I went to a fancy banquet. Okay, okay. I know. Time for me to slow it down and get some writing done. I agree. Believe me. I'm back on track. By the hardest. I have to fight this feeling that it's still holiday time for socializing, movies, dinner out, and pretty much no work and all play.

But I've got to say how awesome the movies I saw during the holidays were, with my absolute favorite being Hidden Figures. Loved it! Two years ago I first read about Dr. Katherine Johnson and was amazed no one knew her role in getting John Glenn into orbit and back safely, not to mention the first moon landing! So you can imagine how tickled I was to read the announcement about a movie based on her work!

It gets better y'all. Today My brother posted a picture of an Emery cousin with Dr. Johnson! Here is Katrina Emery, the Director of Education at the NASA Stennis Space Center, a rocket testing facility. Whoa! Black Girl Magic hits the stratosphere!

I also saw Star Wars Rogue One and loved it. True sci-fi fan that I am, I loved the stunning visuals. Skipping around to other planets would be so fabulous. The action and story really blew me away. My favorite Stars Wars since the original. Rest in Heaven Carrie Fisher. I choked up when she appeared on screen. I saw the movie the day her family released that she'd passed away.

Finally, I have to give a quiet two thumbs up to Fences. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis left me breathless. Performances like that are amazing to watch. The depth of character was just a wow. If I had my way, I'd hand them both golden awards. And to the supporting actors as well, the two men who played their sons did an awesome job- Jovan Adepo as Cory and Russell Hornsby as Lyons. As did Stephen Henderson as Troy's best friend. Powerful.

Now back to work. Though I'm still on a high from Hidden Figures!

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