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How I Jump Start the Creative Juices

I started in new routine the first of the year. My old routine was this breakfast, then working, and then going to the Y to exercise. After the holidays, I was suffering from the urge to keep goofing off. For several mornings I debated why it would actually help me to put off writing another day. Yeah, right. I was pretty convincing, too. Binge watching my favorite Roku channel series beckoned. I realized this was the path to destruction, or at least my book not getting finished. The longer I stay away from a WIP (work-in-progress), the harder it is to finish it. Worse still, I lose connection to the story and characters. My "mojo" stops working, and the creative flow threatens to permanently wave bye-bye. At least when it comes to the book in question.

So, I switched it up. Now I go to the gym before I eat breakfast. Then I come back, eat healthy, and get to work. It's so true. Exercise gets oxygen to the brain. Which means when I sit down to work, I'm more focused. Of course it helps that I watch the news and read email or check Facebook while I'm working out. That means I have no excuses to check "just one little thing" before I get to work. Cause you know how that goes. One innocent window opens in the browser, and three hours later... yeah.

Getting on with 2017 like a boss! Now on to more home renovation projects. I'm pumped!

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