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Finishing What You Start, or How I Kept My Butt in the Chair

I'm closing in on the finish line of my next book. I keep opening the image file to stare at the cover. I love it, but it also reminds me that I need something to go IN the front and back!

So many mornings I debated the merits of taking the day off. No work, just relaxing. I mean, it would feed my muse. Refresh my flagging creative spirit. I could come back to the pages with new energy. I'd look of all kinds of blog posts to support this theme - the need for writers to sometimes not write.

Truth time - I just wanted to lounge in my favorite comfortable chair, Netflix-N-Chill all day. Or my new favorite channel Acorn TV. So I kicked myself in the butt each morning, pushed out from beneath the covers, and got to work. Thus, I'm in shouting distance of "The End".

We're our own worse enemy a lot more times than we know. Getting out of my own way is job one. Honestly, I'm surprised at how true this is more often than not. I can talk myself out of a lot of things, and it's only because:

1. I'm scared to the risk

2. Sell myself or the process short

3. List all the reasons "it won't work" until I decide not to even try

3. Want to be a bang-up success, and see anything less as "failure"

I'm making 2017 the year of stopping that BS! Final thought...

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