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Black History is American History

I'm a history geek in such a big way. When I started to travel to other countries, did I want to hang on the beach? Nope. Sure I natural beauty. Clear blue or green waters with pristine sands stretching as far as the eye can see. Look out over beautiful vistas of rolling hills or soaring mountains. But days of that? Seriously, I'd be bored. I want to hear stories of days gone by, visit historical monuments, houses, museums and such. See the art and culture. Sitting in a lounge all day, every day is not for me. History is my thang y'all!!

I Rise is my favorite poem, and written by one of my favorite authors, Maya Angelou. Sums up how I feel. Set to music, it makes me rock and sway!

February is Black History Month, but I live Black History every day. I put historical references in my fiction. I create history for my characters that explains who they are and why they find themselves in certain situations. In the book I'm writing now the murder mystery Charmaine and Jessi Joliet are trying to unravel is tangled up in events that happened over two hundred years ago in New Orleans. Consequences from past events, even small decisions or acts of nature, shape the present in myriad ways. .

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