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Exotic Morocco is Everything!

Exactly one month has passed since my last blog post. About Mardi Gras as it happens. I didn't go to even one parade. Why? Drum roll.... I went to Morocco for three weeks. Here is what I did in pictures and short narration. Ahem...

Jardin Marjorelle

YSL Garden in Marrakech

The Jardin Marjorelle in Marrakech was bought and restored by designer Yves St. Laurent in 1980. It was established by the french painter Jacques Marjorelle in the 1920s-1930s. Marjorelle loved Morocco so much, he bought property in the city he loved. Marjorelle collected artifacts, which he displayed in a small museum. The garden went into decline as his fortune diminished, and when he died. When St. Laurent fell in love with Marrakech, he didn't hesitate to buy the garden and restore it. Twelve acres of beauty with paths, ponds, and exotic plants.

Yes, that's me. On a camel. Actually, it's a dromedary - the variety of camel that has one hump. In Morocco they don't call them camels. They only call the ones with two humps camels. I've never ridden horses even, but I got used to this faster than even I would have thought. The view from up there riding the dunes of the Sahara was amazing! I just had to ignore that camel behind me getting too close. They have big teeth, and they will bite. Fortunately, he was in a good mood.

I camped out in the Sahara two nights. I've never camped out in my life, and I don't like outdoors stuff. But the adventure was once in a lifetime. I walked the dunes, stared up at the night sky filled with stars, hung out over a fire pit to tell and hear stories.

These are just a few of my pictures (almost 300 of 'em!). I went fossil hunting, and found three in 400 million year old volcanic rock. Dined on fabulous Morocco cuisine. Saw grand homes and royal palaces, shopped in markets that were establishing hundreds of years ago. Met great Moroccans, learned about their culture and history. It was fifteen days of awesome.

Travel and discover!

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