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I Like To Boogie

Once again my best intentions are thwarted. I set out to clean my home office. Then I came across these fun souvenirs from past trips, a shaker and a drum. Suddenly I'm waving the shaker around, dancing around with no other music. I got this on the island of Dominica (dom-a-neek-a). It was made by members of the Carib tribe. The drum is from a trip I took to Golden Gate Park and bought at gift shop in the Japanese Tea Garden. It has two little strings with a wooden ball, so you swing it and they beat on the drum. I had a good time. But I was supposed to be spring cleaning my messy office. I'll get back on task tomorrow. Time for Netflix. Or for me to grow up!! :)

Those book shelves are dusty. I'll save that for tomorrow. Dancing is hard work!

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