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Lunch Fun

So, my sister is in town to help her mother (we have the same father, different mothers). She's in the classic "sandwich" stage. My nephew Jordan is ten years old and of course needs lots of care. Her aging mother is needing more help than ever. We managed to have an adult lunch this visit since Jordan stayed in DC with his dad. We ate crawfish ravioli and it was so delish. Come on down and get you plate, boo!

Then I showed her around downtown. She hasn't lived here in over twenty years and a lot has changed. We toured a new luxe hotel and pricey apartment building (with loads of amenities and a view of the Mississippi River that is stunning). BUT... the apartments are small and the $$$ left us numb. We thanked they property manager for showing us, but once we left outta there? Nah, we ain't got that kinda coin. Livin' downtown is a no-go. Guess I better start buying lottery tickets y'all.

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