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Virtual vs Reality

I was at the YMCA for my usual workout, on the elliptical and watching CNN. I looked over my shoulder to find someone waving at me wildly to get my attention. A pal I hadn't seen in years. We worked together at a psychiatric hospital. Me, the social worker. She's a registered nurse. Oddly enough I'd been thinking about those old days a few weeks ago. You may not think it, but we had loads of fun working at the psych unit! When you face stressful conditions, bonds are formed that can be pretty enduring. So I have decided to work harder at reconnecting to old friends. A few hits on Facebook just isn't the same as having lunch or dinner with friends.

Girlfriends are the best!

Being a writer, I tend to live inside my head a lot. I also spend a lot of time alone. In fact, writers tend to seriously enjoy solitude. I know I do! Still, in this day of social media "friends" and "followers", and virtual reality, it's still true that nothing beats real face time (not video face time) for fun.

I love to travel, and I choose to go on organized tours. Sharing the experience with strangers might seem lonely. But the thing is, people who go on tours are social and open to new experiences. That includes meeting different people. Which means they're friendly. Total strangers become pals quickly as you share the wonder of sights in unfamiliar or exotic locals.

I'm happy to say I've made real progress not living the hermit life of a writer. I've made new friends, and now will work on staying in touch with old friends. Plus having more than a "virtual life" makes me a much better writer. Score!

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