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"Where Do You Get Your Ideas?" Me: Ackkk!!!

I was watching an episode of Poirot. This is one where he teams up with his friend Ariadne Oliver, the fictional famous mystery author (Agatha Christie made her the star of her own set of books btw). One line cracked me up because it so speaks to something I've struggled with since I sold my first book: being asked the dreaded question, "Where do you get your ideas?" Not to mention giving talks on your writing.

In this scene, Poirot has summoned his friend back to the scene of a murder on a fabulous country estate. She's grumbling because she jumped on train as a result, thus missing a lecture she was going to give on her writing. Then she confesses that she's actually relieved because she dislikes talking about how she writes because:

"What does one say about one's writing. You come up with an idea and then force yourself to write about. What am I going to say for another 59 minutes?" I laughed so hard I had to pause the show because she perfectly captured how I feel.

The writing process is fifty percent preparation and fifty percent fairy dust that even I don't understand all of the time. It just... happens. Making me come up with an explanation is like applying some method of torture! That had to be Agatha Christie talking through her character. See why I love Christie so much?

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