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Summer, South Louisiana Style!

My magnolia tree is blooming nicely for once. Our state flower epitomizes summer in Louisiana. I love warm weather. Blue skies, sunshine, and lazy days. Nothing says the south like doing a whole lot of nothing and commenting on the magnolias, or other small talk. We call it being sociable.

Like today when I was standing in line at Whole Foods. The two ladies in front of me, total strangers to each other, had a whole conversation about the wines like like, then moved on to recommending places to get good wines. Then that led them to a new recreation place for bowling and pizza about to open near the good place to get wine. See? We can cover a plethora of topics, not even know each other's names, and not care that we likely will never meet again. Just being sociable waiting in line to get our apples, wine, cheese, flowers, etc. rung up!

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