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Good News, Bad News

So, I went to El Paso, Texas a few days ago to watch my niece Jasmine graduate from high school. I had a wonderful time with family. Seeing El Paso was fun, including the digital wall at the El Paso History Museum, Fort Bliss Army Base, and the Buffalo Soldiers Memorial on the base. That's the good news.

I could have done without learning at midnight that my weather delayed flight from Dallas to El Paso was cancelled, spending the night in the Dallas Airport (that terminal could store meat it's so dang cold), and my still missing suitcase full of clothes. Yep, it wasn't one thing, it was two. Bad news.

Still, I'm not complaining. As mishaps go, those are minor blips on the trouble radar screen. At least I had my Kindle along with an excellent read. Y'all fantasy lovers need to get this book. It's a wow five star read!

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