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Comic Book Childhood Memories

When other little girls were playing with dolls or reading Millie the Model comic books, I was reading this right here. Yeah, baby! I loved those scary comics the most. I also loved the ones that featured hard-boiled detectives solving crimes on the seamy side of life. Guess you could say I didn't have conventional childhood interests!

I read what back then were called Gothic romances. Today the sub-genre is called romantic suspense. But Gothic romances always have a young, lovely woman going to work at a dark, foreboding mansion with a brooding, but handsome male occupant who is misunderstood by most. Except for her. But has she misjudged, and he really is the killer they all say he is? Ate 'em up as as tween. I got my fill at a used bookstore for pennies.

But I always wanted more of the action, suspense, and mystery. So when I discovered mystery fiction like my beloved House of Mystery and Secrets comics, I was in love.

Summers spent getting my fictional world fix and trying not to think about having to go back to school. I remember it well.

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