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Hummingbird Kamikaze Battle Fun to Watch

All summer I've been watching the feeder outside my office window hoping to see hummingbirds fly in for a visit. Nothing. I assumed that for whatever reason they weren't stopping by at all. Not so. Sunday afternoon I was at my computer and saw something buzz by. I stood, and sure enough it was a hummingbird. Then I saw another, and another. Soon four of them were battling it out to get a late lunch, or early dinner. Not sure how hummingbirds schedule their meals.

Anyway, being extremely territorial they don't like to share. There was plenty of room for all, but obviously they didn't agree. The one with a red throat finally chased the others away. Either that or they got tired fighting and flew off to find a easier eatery.

Strange what entertains me. I can turn anything into a story. Also reminded me of Game of Thrones. Every living thing competes for something they value. I ended up calling the winner Jon Snow. I want Jon to win. Of course the writers & producers have a very different approach. But in my world, the better man (bird) comes out on top.

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