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What I've Been Up To

Writing for one thing. We've had a spell of gorgeous weather. Low humidity, temps down into the 60s at nights. In Louisiana we cherish this time of year. Blue, skies, sunshine, and cool dry breezes. Doesn't last long! The low humidity and cool temps, I mean. Everybody you meet is in a good mood. So, the fact that I kept working is a badge of honor, because I wanted to go play outside. I rewarded myself with walks in my favorite places. Which is where I met these guys.

I've also been getting ready for NY Comic Con. Which includes the pressure to stay on task with my next book since I'll be telling folks about it. The grind continues my friends.

Why not join us if you live close by? Me and friends will be at booth 2157. Cool authors and artists will fill the place, so come on to join the fun. Loads of celebs as you can imagine.

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