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Travel Memories!

So much fun to watch TV and see places I've visited profiled. It's happened to me twice now. I got so excited remembering the fabulous experiences. Anyone would have thought I was on my way back.

Atlas Mountain views in Morocco

I was watching a documentary a few weeks ago and realized they were talking about Morocco. I loved seeing all the places built centuries ago, and got to stay in homes up to two hundred years old. We were only booked in three traditional hotels during my fifteen day trip. The others were guest houses, family homes turned into boutique hotels. Anyway, a shot of a highway through the Atlas Mountains came on and I bounced up and down. I was there. Breathtaking views when we stopped at overlooks.

Today I was watching HGTV's Beach Front Living, their version of house hunting for homes on the water. I yelped when they flashed Ambergris Caye, Belize on the TV screen. A bit embarrassing since I was on the treadmill at the YMCA. Fortunately it was almost empty, so only one other person was in there. And I don't think she heard me. If she did, she discreetly pretended not to notice I was acting weird LOL. I managed to restrain myself from pointing at the small screen and shouting, "I've been there!!"

Lamanai, one of many ancient Aztec ruin sites in Belize

Travel and the experiences I've had are worth so much to me. I don't like to collect things, but sure as heck love, love, love to collect memories of the places I've been.

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