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Back In Stride Again, Well Almost :)

I had a great time in NYC, both at Comic Con and later when I became a tourist. I stayed longer in NYC as part of changing my ways. I've been to NYC, but on business. I wouldn't stay longer to just hang out. I'd get back on the plane and get back to life. This time I did things different. I deliberately stayed longer (Airbnb is a wonderful creation). To be honest it was tough. My gut kept saying I should have gone home and saved the money. Which brought up an interesting question: why did I not think just having fun after business was something I'd earned? I need to work on mixing business with pleasure. I've become so single-minded, which surprised me. Self-care sounds like another buzzword and fad, but there's something to it.

So, I caught some kind of bug, so it's taking me a minute to get back into my routine of writing, exercising, etc. Being a bit sick gave me the excuse to binge watch. Here are my picks:

Mind Hunters - at first I was thinking it moved so slow. But this series grew on me. I could definitely relate to the way dealing with deeply disturbed people seeps into the soul. I worked in corrections and psychiatric settings. I met some troubling folks. Still think about them. I also saw images of abused and in a few cases murdered children when I worked in child welfare, to prepare for court.

Then I got hooked on The Five, another Netflix series based on a novel by Harlan Coben. I need to check out at least one of his books. I love twists and turns that make me go, "Say what?" Talk about cliffhangers that has me watching 2-3 episodes in a row! This is an edge of the seat thriller for sure, to use a cliche that fits.

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