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Yaay, Cool Weather!!! :)

Okay, y'all that live up north don't roll your eyes. I know having actual fall weather is no big deal to YOU. But when you live in the deep south we have to enjoy this week (maybe two) when we can. In south Louisiana it means low humidity, too! Ahhhhh..... Why do we celebrate? Because we just might be wearing shorts and tank tops again for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

Personally, I hate pumpkin everything, pie, spiced coffees, pancakes at Ihop- man, that's just evil doing that to good pancakes. Pumpkin? Bleh! To me fall means gumbo, red beans and rice, and other good stuff. Whoo-hoo!

Dancing in anticipation of the holidays... Oh wait, gift shopping comin' at me like a speeding train! Ack!!!

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