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Boo! Why Do We Like Being Scared?

Don't expect me to have the answer, but kids and adults enjoy a good creepy story. I know I did. My favorites were the old zombie movies and the cheesy monster flicks. On Friday nights years ago a late night television show came on that featured horror movies. Mama would let us stay up late since we didn't have school the next day. I was really little, so I never managed to keep my eyes open long enough to enjoy the spooky thrills. Luckily there were scary movies on Saturday afternoons as well. I also loved comics books with ghosts and scary stories in books. I think we're fascinated with the unknown, the mysterious, and the thrill of out running danger.

We had such fun trick or treating, too. Every year older kids would spread some new urban legend, a monster that was waiting for us around every dark corner or alley on Halloween. The only one I remember is the legend of the "Green Lady". Some versions said she was from outer space, a slimy green color all over, and she loved to snatch kids away never to be seen again. Naturally some kid would yell out they'd spotted the "monster". Brave boys would run to confront the "thing", maybe even capture it. Others (me included) would run in the opposite direction to escape. Lots of squealing was always involved.

Here is a taste of spine chilling legends from Louisiana!

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