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Are You Kidding Me?!??!

It's no secret. I love thrillers, suspense, and mysteries. Here is my biggest pet peeve, especially in tv shows or movies.

The character who goes alone to confront a villain or villainess. You know, a truly dangerously evil person. Anyone who crosses them ends up face down in the dirt/river, at the bottom of a cliff, mysteriously becomes ill and die, or disappear. Forever. So, this character goes to tell them, "I know what you did and I can prove it. I'm going straight to the police! You're going to get what's coming to you," they yell in triumph. Oh, and even better. They grab a phone and start talking. Right there in front of said murderous psycho. "Hello, let me speak to Detective Justice." What happens next is so predicable that I yell at the screen, "Are you kidding me???" Our brave avenger gets this stunned look when the villain reminds him/her that:

1. They're out in the middle of nowhere or in a location with no escape or help nearby.

2. Our "hero" didn't tell anyone where they were going or ask for back-up, and has no Plan B.

3. No one else knows what or where the evidence is because the villain has covered their tracks so well. And our "heroine" was in such a rush to let the villain know they'd been found out, she didn't tell anyone else or secure said evidence.

Cue evil laughter and a terrified scream as the newest victim meets a gruesome end. So, you've guessed that I just went through this crazy-making experience once again.

When I was a newly published author, veterans had names these characters. "Too Stupid to Live" - this character is destined to be so dumb that there is no way they'll survive. Another description was "The Idiot in the Attic" - usually a pretty female, she's alone in the crieep house when she hears an ominous thump or footsteps in the attic. Does she run? No. She goes into the attic and yells, "Hello? Who's in there?" The answer is always, "The guy who's about the strangle you, that's who!"

Now let me confess that I'm on the last episode of this series (I won't name it because, spoiler). Yes, I kept watching. Only because I enjoyed rolling my eyes and saying, "Aw c'mon!!!" I even go so far as to go in IMDb to find out the name of the writers, track them down on social media, and chastise them. My goal is to create characters who make mistakes, but not something so obvious. Especially when you set them up to be smart people in the first place. Well, at least this helps me learn NOT to write these scenes.

Okay, back to to my show.

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