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The Decorations Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down!

More houses are lighting up for Christmas each day. I see you neighbors with the giant Santa on the roof! I raise you a six foot tall light tree!

My tradition is to put up decorations on the first Saturday in December. I have older neighbors who think it quite gauche to decorate so early. They sniff with outrage at newer folks who decorate, gasp, the day after Thanksgiving. Well, I ain't mad at 'em even though that's a bit early even for me.

I broke a solemn vow not to buy more Christmas swag. In my defense, these lights are for my windows. The old ones are pretty raggedy with bulbs either dim or completely out. They won't get here until next week, mail order ya know. But I'll get a head start anyway. Yaay, new lights to hang!

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