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New Year, Old Me

Happy New Year to all!! I don't even bring up new year resolutions anymore. Why? Because I'm always striving to be the best me around. I no longer believe in putting a date on doing better, be it healthy eating, exercise, or writing goals. My motto is, "It's always the right and best time to be my best self!" I do review what I've done in the old year, and gear up for specific action plans to come. I hope you slay those goals in 2018!

I was answering questions for an interview recently, and one was, "What are the 5 books you wrote between 2015-2017?" I said, oh that can't be right. I looked at my files. Yep, FIVE books in that time. I also went on 3 international trips (for fun, and boy did I!), had 3 major home renovations, and part of that time was working a full-time day job.

Well, no wonder I've been staying tired all that time. Now in 2018 I won't take any international trips, and have no plans to do book appearances except maybe NY Comic Con again. I do plan to release at least two books, God willing and the creek don't rise!

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