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Women's History Month!

I'm a confirmed, dedicated history geek. I read about a lecture on Louisiana Creoles at a local museum across the Mississippi River. Had to go. The exhibit on free people of color, Creoles in particular, is fabulous. The lectures go on once a week until April. Today I attending one about the migration to Mexico of Louisiana Creoles facing racial oppression from the 1850s through the 1890s. The speaker happened to be the author of a book I've used as a reference source for years.

Mary Gehman is a philly transplant who fell in love with New Orleans in the 70s and never left. She's been researching the free people of color since the late 80s at least. Here is the book that's been on my shelf for ages. I was delighted at the coincidence, because I hadn't connected the name to it!

Before that there was a lecture on the Olivio family in Pointe Coupee Parish. Although they had lived free for years, white relatives of their "mistress" hired two men who sold a woman, her children, and grandchildren into slavery when the elderly woman died leaving no will. The case went all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court. Although the family won, they lost their land and everything they'd owned. The family had even been split up, with a daughter being sold to a Texas slave holder. Again, they were reunited after years. But I can only imagine the emotional damage they lived with after. At least they did gain their freedom, obtained more land, and their descendants continue to live in Pointe Coupee Parish.

I'm having a great time visiting this small museum and learning such fascinating little known history. Loads of inspiration!.

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