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Wait, What Is This Yellow Stuff???

After days of rain and cloudy, dreary days the sun is out!!! The sky is blue!!!! #Shock

Friends and cousins up north/northeast have posted on Facebook about more snow, high winds, subzero temps. So, um, I had to stop mid-whine about so many rainy days. Of course, we've had heavy downpours and high winds. But still, I have to agree that my weather complaints are small peanuts. But then they moved up where they live so.... you know. Suck it up buttercups! LOL Nah, I didn't say that to them. I was more sympathetic. No, really. :)

I'm definitely a subtropical creature. I've discarded any notion that I could live in places where it's cloudy and rainy most of the year. Having visited cloudy places (upstate NY, Lima, Peru for examples), overcast and damp are deal breakers. My creative juices would dry up. Having to be inside snowed or rained in for days, even months, would drive me to the nearest U-Haul place to get a truck to pack up and go!

That said, plenty of writers and artists create great work in those places. Environment affects us all in different ways. But spring, quit playing hard to get and show up. Please!

Still, I'm a pro. I'm steadily working on my next book DEAD AHEAD. Let's all keep going. Spring is coming! If you're in the frozen north, take heart. I'ma share some Louisiana sunshine with y'all. I took these photos myself. The flowers are in my yard. The lake scenes are downtown in my city, Baton Rouge. Enjoy!

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