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Work, Work, Work, Work- to Quote Rihanna

I'm being semi-faithful to my work in progress. Not because I don't enjoy writing about these smart, funny, take charge sisters. I love Charmaine and Jessi. But so much keeps pulling me away. Beautiful weather. Volunteer tasks. Day to day life stuff like the bank, dental appointments, etc. So, in a few cases I gave myself permission not to write. Oh the guilt!

The good news is both are okay for my creative process. Sometimes you should cut yourself a break. Walk in the sunshine (helps with stress and sadness by the way. Vitamin D!). Play music. Run errands that need to get done so you won't be worried about them. Watch How To Get Away With Murder. Ahem, yeah. I snuck some Netflix and chill in there.

Don't beat yourself down for sure. Remember Drake's advice RiRi. You need to get away.

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