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Woo, I'm Tired!

For various reasons I decided to take a break from writing. Being a homeowner means there is always something to do. Even more when you have a yard, a big one at that. I don't mow the grass. I pay for a service. Cal does a much better, faster, and more effective job than I could. Plus, and I know this sounds crazy, I've never used a lawnmower of any kind. Then again, why should I? Cal's got a big ol' riding bad boy that gets it done, baby..

But I do my small flower bed. Though it doesn't feel all that small when I'm yanking weeds, laying down mulch, etc. And my sago palm took a hit in the freezes we had last winter. Loads of dead and brown palm leaves that looks butt ugly. I've been putting it off for weeks. Since I couldn't whip the stubborn muse into shape, I got out there and got to cuttin'. That thing is huge. I ended up with a big pile of spiny leaves (those things jab like the dickens!). I decided half was enough in the heat. Next week, I'll finish the job.

I'm at a critical scene in my book DEAD AHEAD, well one of several. Okay, they're all critical. But some are turning points. So, I'm thinking me not being able to get the writing motor running was my creative brain's way of telling me to recharge, take a break, and go at it fresh. I've found huge rewards doing this. More than a few times I've worked out some great twists or solved a plot problem during mindless physical labor. Housework is just as good as yardwork. My advice to writers is sometimes forcing your butt to stay in the chair is counterproductive!

Strange to say I enjoy yard tasks more than household cleaning. I think it's because I love being in the sunshine, looking at the greenery, and flowers. You wouldn't think I have a ton of allergies (grass pollen, oak pollen, grass, etc.). I don't care. Still love it

Creatives, get up and vacuum, or get out there and rake. Um, if you don't have enough square footage to get you muse in gear, you can always come over here to mop, sweep, and dust until your ideas flow like sweet rain!! I'd sacrifice for you good. You're welcome!

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